Slott i Sverige - 2018

Slott i Sverige is a Swedish play.
It's about the siblings Hugo and Agathe that own a big castle together somewhere in Sweden. The castle also houses Hugos “dead” wife Ophélie, his current wife Elénore and her brother Sébastien. Also Gunther their faithful servant and Hugos and
Agathes voiceless mother. You get to follow their trapped life in the castle, their deep talks and complex relationships between each other. Everything takes place somewhere around 2000s. 


Agathe 60 years old is the puppet master. She makes sure that everyone in the castle behaves and that everything looks like it’s supposed to look. Her relatives Is an elegant family and that’s how it always should be, the terrible secret should always be a secret. 
Therefore, she always cleans and makes sure that everything Is how It supposed to be, in rococo style. The furniture, porcelain, clothes, everything. 

She forces everyone to dress in costumes from the 1700s, everything so as not to reveal the secret. It must be perfect; the smallest thing can reveal everything. 
Certain steps with gold, glam and covering white powder. 


Scuba fabric, tulle, cardboard