ElinPastell is a swedish textile artist with focus on embroidery and sculpturing in different materials.

Her work is often big, heavy and colorful. She creates sculptures, both on body and in rooms.

In the shop you can buy art like embroidered patches and handmade raincoats both for you and your dog.

Get in touch by sending an email to: Elinpastell@hotmail.com



2017 - 2020 Gothenburg univerity Bachelor Textile-Body-Space

2016 - 2017 Stenebyskolans Art and culture education, Clothes 

2015 - 2016 Stenebyskolans Art and culture education, Textile

2012 - 2015 Hagströmska High school, Fashion-Design



2019 Exhibition hall, Stenebyskolan: Costume for stage, Slott i Sverige

2019 Olga Birkfeltds Artprice exhibition
2019 Exhibition hall, Stenebyskolan: What’s your thing? 
2017 Olga Birkfeldts Artprice exhibition
2017 Exhibition hall, Stenebyskolan 
2016  Olga Birkfeldts Artprice exhibition
2016  Library in Ed, Sweden 

Solo exhibitions
2018 Stenebyskolan: Elinpastell Dogwalk 
2017 Åmåls hantverksmagasin, Kittenish pastel 



2020 Doktor Felix Neuberghs stiftelse                       12.000kr         

2019/2020 J.L. Eklund Hantverksstiftelse                  27.900kr 

2019 Adlerbertska Elevbostadsstiftelsen                  15.000kr 
2018 Mötesplats Steneby, Idépeng                             10.000kr 
2017 Olga Birkfeldts konstnärs stipendium               4000kr